Newsletter Volume II November 2019

How does tooth loss affect your oral health? 

We go through our lives hoping that our permanent teeth last the full length of our lifetime, however, for multiple reasons, these teeth may need to be extracted. Many of our patients ask If they really need to replace that tooth. Afterall, as an adult we have 32 teeth and the rest have no issues. However, if you've been missing teeth for a long time, there are risks you should be aware of.

  1. Tilting: Neighboring teeth tend to shift and tilt sideways
  2. Supereruption: The opposing tooth tends to continue to come down, causing root exposure, sensitivity and tooth mobility.
  3. Bone loss: The jaw bone around the area tends to shrink, along with surrounding gums. Leading to gum disease and painful problems on the jaw joint. 
  4. Mastication: missing teeth increase and change the direction of biting forces on neighboring teeth around the space.  Changes in the bite can also put improper chewing forces on neighboring teeth. This may lead to grinding and fracture of existing teeth.
  5. Facial collapse: As teeth are lost, the height of the jawbone is reduced, which also shortens your face height. The chin can rotate forward, giving patients a severely aged look. As teeth are lost, the lips can thin from the poor support behind them.

Wondering about teeth replacement options?

Call us at (919) 298-2308 for a consultation over the best treatment options that fit your needs. 

Smile of the Week

Often times, we are so busy In our lives that we may neglect our oral health for years. Patients are often surprised at how their oral health can decline so fast. This patient presented to our office with a collapsed bite, missing and broken teeth. Thankfully, there is always a solution. Once we earn the commitment and trust of the patient, we can help them achieve their smile goal. We guide them every step of the way from choosing a treatment and finance route that meets their needs, and to overcome the fear of treatment by providing emotional support.

Giving Back: Refugee Care

Our patient, Alham, moved to Raleigh from Syria as a refugee with her husband and five wonderful kids. Unfortunately she did not receive proper dental care in Syria which left her with a lot of missing teeth. We had the pleasure and honor of treating them. Dr. Atari completed a full mouth work-up at no cost and now, Alham is able to eat comfortably and smile bright with her family as they make Raleigh their home.

Promoting Oral Health in Early Childhood

For the month of December, bring your child in for a cleaning, exam and x-rays and they will receive a free Oral-B spin brush. 

Children are more likely to brush and increase their brushing time if they get to pick their own toothbrush with a character of their choosing. 

You may even want to keep more than one brush available at home so that they can decide between them each brushing session. The more they feel empowered the more likely they will want to brush routinely.