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I am a dentist and I want to make your life easier.

With all the responsibilities we have today in our daily lives, the last thing you should be thinking about is how difficult it is to get high-quality dental care. We don’t have to increase the difficulty of an already difficult life. I am super excited to introduce you to a place where your concerns will be heard, a place where all your dental needs will be taken care of under one roof. A stress-free, judgement-free area, where you will feel comfortable and be greeted by friendly, familiar faces.

I set out to make this Raleigh practice a reality. A practice where our actions will speak louder than our words. Where everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Welcome to Smileplicity!

 Daiana Atari, DMD

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Meet Your Raleigh Dentist

As dentists, we cannot expect the title “Dr.” to be enough to gain trust from our patients. It has to be earned by placing their needs before our own, listening to their concerns, using our knowledge to be an advocate for patients, and most importantly being committed and passionate about our work.

Meet Dr. Atari

Smileplicity Dentistry

Our mission is to serve the Triangle

At Smileplicity Dentistry, we provide quality care for patients in Raleigh and the Triangle. We are proud to offer comprehensive dentistry for the whole family, from infants to grandparents. No matter what age or what stage of dental health, Dr. Atari and our team will help you maintain your smile with a wide range of services and comforting care. From the smallest cavity to the most extensive cosmetic makeovers, we will take care of all your needs under one roof.

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See What We Can Do For You

Dr. Atari provides personalized dentistry for every member of the family, from infants to grandparents, no matter what your oral care needs may be.
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Don’t let imperfections get in the way of a confident smile. At Smileplicity Dentistry, we have a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options to improve your smile.
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Full Mouth Rehabilitations and Dental Implants are a few of the doctor’s favorite services. Our team loves providing brand new smiles to amazing patients.
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Missing teeth negatively impact your dental health and your confidence. We offer dental implants as permanent solutions that look and feel natural.
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When unexpected issues come up, our team of experts is here to help. Need immediate care? Schedule a same-day appointment with us to get out of pain!
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From easing dental anxiety to keeping patients comfortable during complex procedures, sedation options help us do our job — giving you a beautiful smile.
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Feel confident about your smile — even during orthodontic treatment! Invisalign is the nearly invisible path to a straighter smile.
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A severe toothache could mean trouble at the root. With endodontic therapy, we can get you back to smiling in no time.
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Sometimes a tooth needs to come out. Dr. Atari offers gentle tooth extractions and replacement options when you’re ready to get your smile back.
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From satisfied Patients

yuri a.

Dr. Nguyen has really showed me how he cares about his patients. He tried reaching me in different ways to explain to me why I was in pain. He has proven to me that every situation is different and his staff is very friendly and nice! I will definitely go back whenever I get the chance.

Monica G.

Wow I am so impressed by the wonderful service that I have received from these guys. Amy has been so wonderfully helpful and just a great person in general. The dental assistance are great but Eliza truly cares about her patients. I truly believe that this group is very well organized and happy doing the work that they do. Dr. Nguyen must be great to work for because the happiness of the staff truly shows it.

Robert b.

the receptionist was kind and courteous in getting me signed up in my dental plan and how it work and it coverages. the technician was very pleasant and the dentist was very informative in the process and dental work i wanted to have done and the correct way to proceed.

Evan w.

Excellent service and environment. Dr Nguyen and his staff do an amazing job. Everything went quick and painlessly, my cleaning was top notch, and my whitening went flawlessly. Highly recommend.

theresa N.

Dr. Nguyen and his staff are very attentive and friendly! I highly recommend! They also use updated tools and machines it seems.

latoya h.

Complete the new client application before you go. It's on their website! Xray and cleaning....I was out in 50 minutes

"That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex; You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple." - Steve Jobs

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